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HME is recognized by its customers for reliable supply of high performance magnets in small and big quantities.

About HME


HME was founded in 1985 by Mr. Norbert Nees. As a subsidiary company of Hüpro Hüttenprodukte AG, it started with a share capital of  CHF 100.000.00. The offices were at Zollikon near Zurich and the company was signing under its original name Hüpro Magnet + Elektronik AG. The activities were mainly import and distribution of Permanent Magnets, Switches and Sensors as well as Monitors and Displays (LCD) to the Swiss industry. In 1997 the company certified to ISO 9001.

Three years later, the company moved to Küsnacht and changed the company‘s name to HME Elektronik GmbH. From February 2005 to September 2013, the HME Elektronik GmbH operated from Grafstal near Zurich.

After the sudden death of Mr. Nees in 2013, Mrs. Christine Nees, daughter of the owner, took charge of the running business to ensure continuity and a smooth course of business. After some time of orientation, she decided to continue her father’s business. Since then, she has been responsible for customers in Switzerland and the neighbouring countries of the EU, offering to their needs in the ranges Permanent Magnets and Switches, providing good and reliable service.


Although a wide range of products has its positive effects, HME GmbH intends to lay stress primarily on Permanent Magnets and Switches. Thanks to long-time partnerships with suppliers of very good reputation, HME provides excellent quality and meets customer specific needs by sampling and technical information. Reliable supply and high performance products for industrial use and produced to customers’ design – that’s what HME stands for.

Knowing about the importance of transparency and traceability, HME prepares to renew the Certificate of ISO9001.


HME will remain a privately owned company. As a small, committed and independent firm, it is possible to act and react in a flexible and sometimes unconventiental way. Nevertheless, HME’s aim is to provide steadiness, high quality and good service.

Switches and Sensors

Reed Switches

reed switch

“When an external magnetic force is applied to this unit the two magnetic members which form part of the magnetic circuit… are moved together… since the external magnetic force acts to diminish the air-gap between the two said magnetic elements.”
Extract of patent Walter B. Elwood

Thanks to reliable and long-time European partners, HME offers a wide range of Switches and Sensors and helps to find customer-specific solutions.

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